Spring Return Handle (Dead Man Handle) Ball Valve

Spring Return Closes the valve when not held open.

Spring Return Handles are manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel components to withstand frequent use in

 refueling, sampling, drains and other applications that require positive closure of a manual valve.


The Spring is enclosed within the tubular handle of the valve

thus preventing possible finger trap hazards.


Spring Return Handle Ball Valves utilize live loaded packing

which provides longer periods between packing adjustment

and maintenance, reducing the need for valve maintenance.

Providing safe operation for both general and industrial

chemical applications.


Ball Valve with Spring Return Handle has a locking device as standard to lock the valve in the preferred position.


Valve with a direct mounting pad that allows the Fail Close

Spring Handle or Dead Man Handle to be fitted.


These valves are usually used when the application requires a reliable positive fail close operation when user disengages the lever.


Operating torque approximately three times standard valve torque.

Spring Return Handle Ball Valve available from 1/4 to 4 Thread, Socket Weld, Sanitary Tri-clamp or Flanged Ball Valve and other End Connections.

Torque range available up to 100 N.M.

Valve ensures tight shut off and is versatile for wide range of flowing media.

Spring Return Handle Ball Valve to fit your Applications:


   Eliminates Leaks

   Improves Plant Safety


   Prevent Lost Product when Draining Water from Tanks


   Heavy Duty for long term operation


   With Locking device for Security


   Fire Safe Option for Refineries, Chemicals and Hazardous Gas Applications


   Self Adjusting Packing Reduces Maintenance Cost


   Full Port Gives Faster Flow Rate  


AF-23 2-pc Direct Mount Ball Valve, Full Port, 1000 psi



AF-35 3-pc Firesafe Ball Valve, Full Port, 2000 psi



AF-51 2-pc Direct Mount  Ball Valve, Full Port, ANSI 150



AF-51 2-pc Direct Mount  Ball Valve, Full Port, JIS 10K



AF-51 2-pc Direct Mount  Ball Valve, Full Port, JIS 10K



  AF-53 2-pc Direct Mount  Ball Valve, Full Port, PN16  4"



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