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  • AF-36C & AF-51C Cryogenic Ball Valves passed BS 6364 Cryogenic Test

  • This testing requires immersion in liquid nitrogen @-321F for one hour, then (20) cycles at full rated pressure (2000 psig) with helium as a test gas, then valve is tested for both external & across-valve leakage with helium...
    AF-60 Sanitary & High Purity Ball Valves for gas or processing cooling water in Semiconductor, pharmaceutical or food Industry.
    Spring Return Handle Ball Valves Spring Return Closes  valves when not held open providing safety for applications that requires positive closure. Locking device lock the valve in preferred position.
    AF-51F 150 ~ 300#  Flanged Direct Mount Ball Valves Firesafe certified to API 607 7th Edition.
    AF-35 2000 PSI  3-pc Direct Mount Ball Valves Firesafe  certified to API 607 7th Edition.
    AF-291 6,000 PSI High Pressure Ball Valve Seal Welded, ISO 5211 mounting, Delrin Seat. Locking Handle or Bare Stem for Actuation. Option: Firesafe to API 607 5th Edition.
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Standard and Custom Designed Products

Our range of standard valves is wide. In addition, we can supply custom-designed products to meet your needs. Tell us about your particular requirements and we will respond quickly with concepts that deliver cost-effective results.

Rigid Program for On-time Delivery

Meeting customers' delivery requirements has been a top priority. Our production schedule has been programmed to meet this goal with consistent reliability. We have implemented "Quick Delivery" program to ship "In-Stock" orders within 2 weeks for urgent shipments.

Strict Quality Assurance to Ensure Better Products

We have the modern facilities and the dedicated people to turn your concept of quality into a investment casting. Every process is strictly controlled since we produce investment castings for demanding applications, repeatability of dimensions is critical quality must be maintained at the highest level. Both wax and metal samples are dimensionally checked and recorded at the layout stage. In-process inspections are implemented at various production checkpoints to ensure uniform results.

Quality Control - ISO 9001 Certified

Sets forth written systems and procedures to maintain quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process, in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements. Specific customer requirements can be incorporated to assure customer expectations are consistently met or exceeded.